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March 11th-13th, 2022

Friday: 12-8

Saturday: 10-7

Sunday: 10-5


Ohio Expo Center

Bricker Multi-Purpose and Ohio Building 

717 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211 



The 2022 IJA Sanctioned Show will Feature Competitions with Certifications and a new concept called Competition Seminars.


The Nash System of Pet Care Education (PCE) will offer its first Summit at the Columbus Pet Expo with Certificate Granting Courses.

We have so much to chat about, so let's get started!


Qualifying Competitions

IJA will offer pure breed, free style, and creative qualifying competitions with best in show awards for live dogs and model dogs. Competitors must compete in 2 of the Best in Show Classes to be eligible for best in the show.

The qualifying competitions are for everyone and are conducted daily by IJA. Competitors compete with any breed or trim style and are evaluated and scored to receive their trim style by coat type certification level and rank as a novice, master, expert, or specialist. There is no need to take the separate certification tests and pay additional fees with IJA Sanctioned Competitions.

  • The level and rank for the trim style by coat type can be used to show your skills and talent to qualify for a state, international, or the best friends competition team. 

  • Salons can also use certification by trim styles to evaluate your pay scale and job positions. 

IJA Sanctioned Competitions place Competitors in Levels by Skills and not wins.

Competitors are judged together or separated by level if more than ten competitors are in a class. Competitors new to IJA enter the Evaluate Me. After the competition, they are placed at the correct level and evaluated and judged against others with the same skills and expertise. All dogs are permitted, including mixed breeds. 


Listed below are the competitions for live dogs and model dogs. 
Live Dog Competitions
  • Pure Breed Trims Competition with a Best in Show

  • Free Style Trims Competition with a Best in Show 

  • Creative Trims Competition with a Best in Show

​Model Dog Competition
  • Pure Breed Trims Competition with a Best in Show

  • Free Style Trims Competition with a Best in Show 

  • Creative Trims Competition with a Best in Show


All competitions use the same general rules, policies, and procedures—more information about the qualifying competitions.  

IJA Rescue Me Competitions

The IJA Rescue Me Competitions have gone to a team event, and we love it! 

The rescue was offered for the first time at the IJA Groom Bowl as a team event, and it was a huge success. IJA will continue to conduct team events for the rescue competitions to establish and maintain the safest ring in the industry.

Competitors can form their teams. Competitors without a team will be placed on a team by IJA Judges. Individuals and teams are recognized and awarded by IJA in the new event!

More about our Rescue Me Team Competitions.

IJA GroomBowl State Team Sparring Competition Class

Yes, teams asked for it, and we figured out a great way to present it. State teams can spare to determine who performs best in the ring. It is a great training tool for experienced team members to show their new members the ropes or for new teams to train.

IJA invites current and future state teams to spare against each other to prepare for IJA Nationals at the GroomBowl at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in November 2022. The sparring classes are conducted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and simultaneously with the Qualifying Competitions.

Triple Crown Competition Class

The Triple Crown is the newest IJA competition, with the $10,000 jackpot awarded to a very talented competitor in Pittsburgh in November at the IJA Show!

IJA will offer the first leg of the IJA Triple Crown Competition Classes at the Columbus Pet Expo Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Competitors will be judged the IJA way and scored on Technical, Profile, Difficulty, and Professionalism. IJA Judges will award a first, second, and third placement for the Triple Crown Class. Competitors earn 6 of the 18 total points awarded from the placements from the three shows!

  • ​First Place receives 3 points

  • Second Place receives 2 points

  • Third Place receives 1 point

​The Triple Crown Competition Classes will be open to all competitors and judges except the IJA Onsite Triple Crown Judges.

The run for the roses and the IJA Triple Crown Jack Pot will be one of the most exciting, rewarding, and recognized worldwide.

  • All trim styles and all breeds, including mixed breeds, are permitted. 

  • Nails, pads, and sanitary may be pretrimmed. 

  • Face and feet may be pretrimmed on Poodles. No additional time will be allowed to trim the face and feet.

  • ALL dogs will receive a total of 2 hours. A 15 minute Johnnie Break will be 1 hour after the competition starts.

​More Information about the IJA Triple Crown Competition


​Clip & Snip Clipper Competition Class

The Clip & Snip Clipper Competition Class is a one-hour with 50 minutes of clipper work and 10 minutes of scissor work to achieve the trim style.

The class is excellent for beginners. All dogs, including mixed breeds, are permitted. The Clip & Snip class is conducted Friday afternoon after the qualifying competitions.

More Info about Clip & Snip

The Poodle Challenge Class - Live Dogs and Model Dogs

The Poodle Challenge for live dogs and model dogs will be one of the most exciting in the industry for competitors to achieve the title of Best Canine Styling Specialists in Poodle Trims. 

IJA offers the Poodle Challenge at 4 Sanctioned Major Shows.

Open - No Levels 

The Poodle Class will use the same rules, policies, and procedures as the Qualifying Competitions.

4 Trim Style Options to Enter

  • Show Trims with banded headpieces

  • Grooming Competition Trims with styled topknots

  • Banded Trims

  • Asian Style Trims

Judges will award a first, second, and third placement.

  • First Place receives 3 points

  • Second Place receives 2 points

  • Third Place receives 1 point

IJA will award Twenty-four points to competitors from the four shows. 


  • Best in Show Trims

  • Best in Grooming Competition Trims

  • Best in Banded Trims 

  • Best in Asian Trims ​


More Information about the Poodle Challenge!


IJA Competition Seminar Show & Tell Competition

IJA and THE NASH SYSTEM announces the New & Unique 


Show & Tell Competition Seminar Events

Watch and listen and ask questions as the superstars in the dog grooming competition arena create beautiful trim styles and creative creations on live dogs and model dogs during onsite competitions designed for seminars.

​Reserve VIP Seating in the Ring and be part of group discussions with question and answer sessions with the competitors. After the competition, the judges will show, tell, and justify their placements with competitors and participants in VIP Seating in the Ring.

​This will be one of the best educational experiences in your career, says Tanya Slater! How often have you sat ringside, wishing to get closer and ask the key questions to understand how to achieve the correct expression on pure breed trims or why you band sections of hair to achieve the perfect creative creations. We believe we have designed the ultimate teaching and learning experience with our CompetitionSeminar and are excited to make the first one happen in Columbus!

Find out more about Show & Tell Competiton Seminars! Compete or Attend Seminars? 


Important Links:

Competition Schedule Friday

Competition Schedule Saturday

Competition Schedule Sunday


Live Dog Competitions

General Rules

Pure Breed & Free Style Competition

Creative Competition

Rescue Me Team Competition


Model Dog Competitions

General Rules

IJA Team

Vivian Nash

Tanya Slater

William Duran


IJA Judges - Additional Judges to be announced.

Jennifer Anders

Tedra Edwards

Krystal Purcell

Cheryl Purcell


Seminar Speakers

William Duran

Cheryl Purcell

Krystall Purcell

Jennifer Purcell

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