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Canine Variations and Creations Certification

This course will take your styling to a level 4 specialist level! There are different head types, ears types, neck types, body types, front types, rear types, tail types, and feet types on man's best friends. For the bather, groomer, and stylist, this information sets the stage for you to excel in the art of grooming and styling the canine. This unique certification course has all the answers. Understand why it is challenging to create round heads on Bichons with incorrect ear types and earsets. Learn the difference between a terrier front and a Poodle front. Compare the similarities and differences between the square body type on a Poodle and a square terrier body type on the Fox Terrier.  If you are a professional bather, groomer, stylist, or beginner with plans on a new career in styling dogs, you must have this information to achieve your ultimate goals!

Trim Styles by Coat Types Certification

This certification is the most innovative and comprehensive presentation in the industry today. Vivian Nash has created the ultimate method to understand breed standards to achieve the ultimate expressions and profiles. 

Our series of pure breed trim styles by coat types with body types certification has it all!

Poodle Banded Trim Styles 

This series is about the famous banded trims presented in the ring by many industry icons such as Vivian Nash, Liz Paul, and Loretta Vogt Marchese. This series shows you where and how to place your bands to achieve the different trims and helps you to understand the difference.

Model Dog Show & Tell Competition Seminar

Watch and listen as the superstars in the dog grooming competition arena create beautiful trim styles and creative creations on live dogs and model dogs during onsite competitions designed for seminars. 

Reserve VIP Seating in the Ring and be part of group discussions with question and answer sessions with the competitors. After the competition, the judges will show, tell, and justify their placements with competitors and participants in VIP Seating in the Ring. 

This will be one of the best educational experiences in your career, says Tanya Slater! How often have you sat ringside, wishing to get closer and ask the key questions to understand how to achieve the correct expression on pure breed trims or why you band sections of hair to achieve the perfect creative creations. We believe we have designed the ultimate teaching and learning experience with our CompetitionSeminar and are excited to make the first one happen in Columbus!

It is an excellent opportunity for our expert and specialist level competitors. They are the winners, the current superstars in the industry with the knowledge of the latest and greatest products and tools says, Vivian Nash.

In this unique interactive onsite training session, competitors will share their knowledge with VIP attendees as they create a live dog or model dog piece of art. The superstars will show you why, when, where, and how they achieve the correct body types and profiles, head types, and expressions on pure breed and free style trims. Creative competitors will share their secrets to color and shapes and wow the crowd.

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